Update your Samsung Galaxy SCL GT-i9003 with CyanogenMod 10.2

Update your Samsung Galaxy SCL GT-i9003 with CyanogenMod 10.2

If you want to enjoy the last 4.3 Android features, is now available CyanogenMod 10.2 to give new life to your mobile Galaxy I9003, as I already mentioned in the previous post; its main advantages are speed, enjoy the latest features of Android, and homogeneity in the experience (that is very customizable).

It is an ALPHA release, we have been testing it and hangs / reboots from time to time (once every two days or so) so it is not advisable to use it yet, I'd expect to it make a stable version, query page if it already is. It according to the developer the only downside, apart from those sporadic crashes, is that video playback will not completely fluid, but we have not noticed just difference.
Attention: If you live in South America, these are another type of 3G modem/network, so it will not serve you this version. Find more information on websites of your country.
After having tried on this computer, becomes faster than with any other ROM, with a more agile and interactive user interface, and all upgrades Android 4.3 (camera, security, fluidity, etc.). The previous version 10.1 is seen in the video, but it gives us an idea:

To install it, we'll do it through CWM (ClockWorkMod Recovery, a very powerful boot utility), so the process is very safe and is extremely difficult to convert mobile on a brick in this way.
If you had already installed CWM (by another ROM modified prior), only need download the ROM, save it to the SD card, reboot mode CWM (volume up + Home + power), make a Wipe Data / Factory Reset and clear caches, and then install the rom with the option to "install zip from SDCard".
We will see what steps follow below if you have the official Samsung version; the process is simple if we follow it to the letter have no problems; recommend that you read the entire article before your dirty hands, to understand a little the process and prevent problems.

First of all should be stored on the SD card (connecting to the computer with the USB cable) external ROM and Google Gapps applications (Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail, etc; the ROM comes without them to have installed them just who wants to):

The ROM is available in the following link (see the XDA page if it's broken):
You have to download the latest available 10.2; in this case the Alpha 3
The Gapps them have this other link (click):
We have to choose the corresponding to our version of CyanogenMod Gapps; in this case the 20130813
Where the link is broken, we have to download us (hence u another site) Google Apps for the corresponding Android (in this case Android 4.3). In the same repository of Goo.im suggests other similar shocks; the most current Gapps 4.3 from 12/10/2013 (marked with a red arrow) would be worth us:

Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery

Please make sure that the version of your phone is the GT-I9003 to dry; If it is I9003L or LT, or another numbering, do you try to, you could damage your phone.

To install CWM we need to change the "kernel" or core Android by one that will lead integrated; to do this we must find out what firmware version we have installed and replace kernel with one rooted:

  1. In phone mode press * #1234 #* and give to call; It will show phone information and beside "PDA" we will the firmware version; aim it and download the corresponding hacked kernel to this version of this web page (click). If us does not appear on our, the best thing to do is to update the phone with the Kies to the latest version available and starting from there meterle the kernel corresponding rooted on the indicated page.
  2. If we do not have the drivers to connect the phone to the computer, we can install the KIES (little utility program Samsung unless it includes the USB drivers), either download directly the file with only the drivers, which weighs less, at this link.
  3. Download Odin for the computer, and one once put it in "Downloading mode" (with the phone switched off and disconnected, give in this order and hold the keys to volume less + home button + button turn on) and connect it to the computer.
  4. Open the program Odin after downloading it in a folder. Click the button PDA and Select the kernel that we downloaded in step 1, making sure that the "repartition" option is disabled.
  5. We give to the START button, which starts the new kernel rooted with CWM flashing, it will take a few seconds, so it does not interrupt the process until the "PASS" message and the phone reboot; We already have the new CWM (good utility for backups, etc, from your terminal).


If we have already downloaded the ROM and the GAPPS as we recommended earlier, by copying them to the SD card, there are only these steps left us:
  1. Turn off the mobile phone, and with the cable disconnected and the battery well charged, start the CWM by pressing the following combination with the mobile turned off: volume up + home + power and hold until it starts to turn on.
  2. Will leave us the following menu (may vary depending on the version, but it will put you CWM Recovery)
  3. We choose the option "Wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache partition" and hope to finish.
  4. Choose the option "install zip from sdcard" and select the file from the external SD; now called CM10.2-GalaxySL-JLS36G-Alpha3.zip.
  5. We hope to finish (approximately 5 to 10 minutes), we hope that you restart and finished with the installation.
  6. Restart again the team in the CWM Recovery mode to install the GAPPS that we have left in the external SD.
  7. and we will have our mobile as if it were a new, faster model with the latest version of the software, etc to enjoy it!