Refrigerate or Cool the XBOX in a simple way: Add a fan on the GPU

Refrigerate the XBOX in a simple way: Add a fan on the GPU

Earlier we saw How to change the GPU heatsink on the XBOX 360, avoiding in this way is it overheating, extending its life, much especially if the warranty had expired.
This amendment was quite complicated, as it required fit a heatsink and place it. On this occasion, will do it easier and nearly as efficient: with draw the reader, put it outside and cool down the source of almost all of the problems; the mini-disipador of the GPU with a 12V fan, will be enough so that this does not raise 45 ° c.
The first thing is to open it; There are many tutorials on the internet about the topic, so I shall not go into details. Once we have it open, I wanted to also cool the memories that remain just below the GPU aluminum heatsink, so it have released the heatsink.

If you loose it, must remove the thermal paste on top of the processor; I usually use gasoline and an applicator stick, then make good contact again.

If we do not have thermal paste, usually me give good result spread carefully (with some metal object) the thermal paste heatsink that has been at the sides, evenly so it again reinstall the pressure extend it where it is missing.

We have to ask ourselves with a powerful fan, 8 cm. In the image is it on top of the heatsink.

To cool the memories that are inaccessible with the GPU heatsink, I cut a piece (something reduces its effectiveness, but that part does not fan, touch it so not much influence), using the same piece to cool, sticking it on top of them.

With a couple of pieces of heatsink which I cut with a dremel, I chilled the other two memoirs of the front (the number of chips of memory and its location may vary depending on the XBOX version you have):

To feed the fan, the best is to take 12V directly from the power supply connections, as shown in the image:

And the fan is already cooled. To sugetarlo I hit it with the heat gun or termoencoladora; You can also paste it with epoxy glue but then can not remove it if it is damaged.

To control its temperature and that the fan is working properly, nothing better than a good digital thermometer (there are 6 euros in Mod-PC for example); I've pasted your sensor into the hole in the sink:

Already soon we need to finish; only get a SATA cable 30 cm and extend the power cord of the reader. I've been cutting wires in half and extending them one by one to avoid confusion, the image I cut the last remaining me lengthen:

To remove both wires, must practice a hole on the side of the XBOX, although if you do it long enough, another option to not mark the console is to take them through the hole in the DVD player.

In the picture below you can see the XBOX nearly finished, lack of cover.

So how is the reader out of the console:

And after two hours of play, this is the maximum temperature reaching with this modification, 40 ° C at the point of contact of the sensor, 25 ° C environmental. Should be performed on a hard drive and install games on it to extend the life of the reader.

And here ends this tutorial, for the less handyman with tools; simple and effective. Next up!