Modification of Xbox 360 Slim reader 9504 (0272)

Modification of Xbox 360 Slim reader 9504 (0272)

This xbox slim has given me so many problems to make it work that I want to share with you how managed the C000-0001 error which gave me a slim after updating it with a copy of a game (big mistake), that update updated the firmware of the reader, so stopped to read the copy and could not finish the update properly, staying half updated console and giving the resulting error. Fix it was a small Odyssey, but after a couple of missed evenings, I got it.

To fix this error, we have to do these steps, a small Odyssey:
-Download Microsoft's Xbox page update that will bring the game we got to burn it to a CD or DVD and to finish the update with it.
-Get a PC with port SATA motherboard (do not use a Via PCI ports Sata, not da result) to return him to put the original firmware to the reader and to finish the actu.
-Get a USB-SATA adapter to put the reader in Vendor and that allow us to update it.
-Have prepared the original firmware; in this case it is served with "stock firmware" orig-9504.bin that comes in the same pack of firms of ixtreme, in the "stock firmware" folder.

We proceed by steps:

We hiked the console, there are tutorials on the internet. It is a little more complicated than the blanquita, but with patience you get it.

And we already have the open console. We catch and release cables of the reader to your PC.

To feed the reader I use the 360 Xtractor, but can also be fed with own Console (connect the video cable so it does not turn off).
To put it in vendor requires an adapter SATA-USB as the following photo, or another; what it does is put the SATA in IDE mode.
-We connect the reader SATA to SATA adapter and the USB to a port on the PC (which is turned on so that the adapter is connected) and then and only then we feed the slim reader (with the 360 Xtractor or by turning on the Xbox). We would be such that as well (the image shows the loose plate from the reader; this did it to test with resistance 10 ohm. that turned out to be necessary):

-Now you are in mode vendor. Once fed disconnect adapter SATA to SATA port of the PC and proceed with the firmware update program; I use of MS-DOS, DosFlash.exe (version 2.0 or the latest version available).

The Dosflash gave me check error after flashing, and I thought that he was not good as one of those chips that have to make the hack of the 10 ohm resistor. connected, but then realised that while the dosflash gave error, flashing was finished correctly as I could check. The following image shows resistance which I made 10 Ohm. starting from put in parallel several of greater value, but this was not necessary in this reader 9504 (also the firmware of the 0272 worth that). I put the photo if you are curious:

Anecdotes aside, to run the Dosflash need a USB stick (or USB stick) with installed MS-DOS boot (there are tutorials on the net, it is not complicated to prepare it with boot MS-DOS).

We turn on the PC with the same connected and in new equipment lets us select the boot drive by pressing F11. If you don't have that option, first configure the BIOS to boot from USB. (Not turn off the reader at any time not to lose the necessary Vendor State to let you Flash it).
Select the USB:


And it will start us MS-Dos. I have all the utilities in addition the Dosflash and the firmware I'm going to Flash on the same skewer; to run Dosflash will go a screen like the following, where the reader, we detected as 0272:

And we only have to follow the steps; Select the correct port, give a "W" to record, and enter the name of the firmware that we have in the same folder as the Dosflash. You end up with error checking, but it must be that the Dosflash gives problems with this type of readers, because it writes it correctly.
Made we can put the reader in the console, put the CD with the correct actu, and turn it on. If we have a successful update, it will end update and we can already return to put the firmware that we want with the same procedure.