Change micro-usb B connector to a mobile "smartphone"

Change micro-usb B connector to a mobile "smartphone"

The HTC Wildfire S; small packages
Modern mobiles with their processors and screens, require to be constantly charging them, many times every day, and at the end the charging socket deteriorates with use. I imagine that the avalanche of mobile with this problem will go more in the coming years; It is too fragile (an advice: try not to twist the cable once connected to the load).

Recently a friend gave me a phone that is not loaded, or did according to give him the win, and after examining it was evident that the charge/sync connector was damaged by use; to disarm it you would discover that besides welds are had released, perhaps fall mobile while it loaded.

Standard micro-USB-B connector of a charger

Changing the micro-USB-B Socket Mobile
So we hiked the mobile, this HTC Wildfire S is quite simple to disassemble, after releasing 5 screws on the back, it comes out doing lever slowly to release it from the tabs.
Finally to release the screen we have to very carefully remove connection cables with this, which are large 2 on one side and 1 small to the opposite side. To remove them I used a small flat-blade screwdriver to push on the sides facing out, little by little, first on one side and then the other until they have left, they will pressure and not take tab pressure.

Care: Change the connector is a very delicate process, refrain from those who do not know what is a micro welding XDD. I am not responsible for the misuse of this information.
To change the connector first have to drop the old and cost me enough. Or by applying heat to the entire piece and the part of the plate below I wanted to leave. First let the protection plate which carries over (that subject so well in case of struggles of the cable), it was simple, but to release the connector itself had to use up a small rotalin of crafts to cut it with care and release it into pieces.
Care must be taken after removing all pewter holes then us no way to place the connector micro USB B female on your website.

The connector now retired, top right fastening plate
I bought the connector for the HTC in SSMoviles (each brand uses its type), which served it me quickly and at a great price. I also saw it in foreign pages but it took much more.

Connector takes the width of 1 mm. base plate 5 contacts, and soldering them normally used pressure and heat in the Assembly machine, but since I have not micro-soplete or anything (besides connector carries inside a piece of plastic), soldering contacts what I did was up the tracks with a thin layer of Tinas well as contacts. It should be careful not to exceed because we could join them with Tin accidentally.

They are so fine that I had damaged the smaller tip that I have to make it more than half fine, so I had 1 mm. thick, with the mini rotalin Casals I have, and then bend it:

Then I put the connector in place and applied the tip on the top of each thread of the connector data, getting the welder on the back and carefully hand with what I managed to connect it with the bottom track to transfer heat. I had to repeat the operation twice and well prepared tracks because they failed to join well.

Already welded connector on your website
Once soldered the connector, we can try it without the need to assemble the mobile, by placing the battery in place, and while we hold it in place, connect the charger. Because you have a charge led, we can verify it before mounting.
I checked that it lit, of which I was very happy (it took me two hours everything, and wasn't sure of being able to do so), so I put the tag (which brazing partially to the connector to secure it better), I rode it and ready.
Get it has been all satisfaction, but look at the face which will be my friend is still more XD.

A note: If you see it complicated, Ssmoviles also does this work, consult price (I chose to do it myself; the crisis...).