Reducing the weight of a PDF file to send by e-mail

Reducing the weight of a PDF file to send by e-mail

Update ; this system does not always work, so I recommend better splitting PDF in chunks of several pages or sizes with free tools such as "PDF Split and Merge", very simple and quick to use. Another valid option is upload to DropBox or Google Docs (which supports files up to 2 GB) and share it, to send only the link to the recipient so that you are downloading.

A trick that I have been asked more than once to reduce a PDF with a view to be able to send it by e-mail without loss just quality.
-If you already have the generated PDF, can try to reduce it using the PDF Writer with the option file - > reduce PDF size (do not get good results).

-Or print it by the converter to PDF using CutePDF printer (for example) and in the printer properties, advanced options reduce the DPI (dots per inch) to 300. We will achieve a reduction of more than 50% of the size. A Powerpoint which before was 12 MB now will be 3.5.




  • We should not fall below 300 dpi, and the best thing is to do it on the original document (Powerpoint, Word, or whatever).
  • It is advisable to check how is quality expanding with the magnifying glass the retrieved document, although not usually notice the drop of resolution.