By placing a filter of air to the XBOX 360

By placing a filter of air to the XBOX 360

The Xbox 360 with green fibre for collecting dust.

In the previous post on how to improve the cooling of the CPU and graphics of the 360 the main problem was US pending when it comes to cool a heat sink: powder.

As much as let the stream of air to the processors, if not avoid dust build-up, dismantling and cleaning every X hours of use (depending on the environment in which it is used), or with a few filters to avoid us having to go to disarming it, sooner or later will appear the dreaded red lights ;-).

A very economic and effective way is to place Green fibre (Scotch Brite type for the washing of dishes) to filter mode.
Has the appropriate features; slows little air and retains larger particles due to its structure of well-separated cross fibers together.
This is important: If we put a filter that retains too much dust, it will clip soon, preventing the passage of air (with the side effect of the red lights), and will be difficult to clean. We don't want the solution becomes the problem.
Do not remove all of the dust, but most, minimizing the need to disarm it.

And how what we hold? As it is fibrous like fabric, we can use velcro to attach filters, which we will place in each air inlet.
Purchase adhesive velcro or you can stick with termoencoladora.

Image: Velcro around the opening next to the hard disk.

And get to work; place enough strips to make sure that the filter is securely fastened to the openings and have the air to pass through them must:

Placed fiber by tightening so that the velcro grip and with the scissors form given, two attached pieces have been used in this case:

We shall now proceed to do the same on both sides of the console, with two narrow openings pierced on each side (taking care not to cover the openings too):

And the result jumps at the sight. If you put the console, with hands at the sides, double check that the air follows through with freedom.

We only have to release them and clean when we see that dust begins to accumulate to enjoy the console without having to send it to service;-).

I hope this tutorial to anyone; (if a comment is appreciated;-).