How to Insert Google AdSense Advertisements into Your Blog on Blogger

 How to Insert Google AdSense Advertisements into Blogger

Put Ads into Your diary to Earn cash

Steps to enabling  AdSense Ads on Your diary  Blog

• Log into your Blogger account.

•Click the \"Layout\" link beneath your diary name on the Dashboard. If you do not have such a link, attend your Templates page for your diary and click on the \"AdSense\" tab.

•If you\'ve got clicked the \"Layout\" link earlier, you\'ll currently lean a alternative of wherever to put your advertisments. for instance, if you wish to place your ad within the facet column click the \"Add a Page Element\" link in this column. If you wish it at rock bottom of the page, click the equally named link at rock bottom.
A new window can open, permitting you to settle on the sort of page component you wish to feature. Click the checkbox beside \"AdSense\". you\'ll be dropped at yet one more page once you try this. rummage around for the \"Sign in\" link and click on it. Enter your AdSense login and watchword to log into your AdSense account.
Note: people who had to click AN \"AdSense\" tab within the initiative won\'t have the selection of selecting wherever to put your advertisements. If that is the case for you, simply skip to ensuing step.

•Once you\'ve got signed in, you\'ll be dropped at a screen that permits you to settle on the scale and color scheme of your advertisements. A preview window beneath your choice shows you what your advert can appear as if.

•When you are done, click the \"Save changes\" button.

That\'s it. once you next consider your diary, you ought to be able to see your advertisements.