Substituting in the Xbox 360 GPU heatsink

Substituting in the Xbox 360 GPU heatsink

The Xbox 360 heatsink reader and new out of the box

Not happy with the result of the above on our blanquita mod, seeing that with fan putting air GPU temperature even went up a couple of degrees more (to change the flow of the air), I'm going to radically change the cooling of the console.

Time: 3-4 hours.
Material cost: €10 M5 male, rest all recycled elements.
Difficulty: 8, to the very hands.
Advantages: It will be more chilled (goodbye 3LR), we can check if it has dust on the inside and will be easy to replace the reader if it is damaged;-).

After doing a series of temperature measurements, I checked that more heated up was the GPU heatsink, about 40 ° C outside, calculation than about 55 ° C processor with the lid closed. We can check it with a thermometer with probe (e.g. for 20 euros in Mod-Pc):

While these temperatures in the new plates are not very dangerous for their components (due to the reduction in size and consumption), I've seen that memories is heated enough, until burning to the touch, so he encouraged me to take the reader out of the console and exchange the heatsink for compact fan from an AMD Sempron. Because I'm worth it. Presentation:

In this way we refrigerate properly both processors and RAM, but as GPU consumes more and I've put a less efficient heatsink, I will add a fan to low turns (connected to the same extent as those coming on the console) on your new sink.

To disassemble the Xbox 360 completely there are many manuals on the internet, see gloogueando.

You can see areas of the sink that indicate overheating of the GPU around the area of thermal paste (I wonder how much it would cost them put heatsinks with copper core):

I have removed the screws on the heatsink for putting them on to the Sempron, which is just measure. I had another copper core but serving for being too narrow.

I marked the position of the holes for M5 screws with a marker, I've marked them with a punch and then a bit small (we have to be as precise as possible and then they will not coincide with the holes of the plate):

Fasten it with the screw, I proceeded to do the drills, we have to make them deeper than the screws to pass then (M5 E100 DIN 352) males with the tackle.

Remove burrs with a file or dremel and presents this aspect with the screws. They have not been completely straight, it would be better to use a fixed drill, but it will serve.

Once cleaned the GPU:

Unfortunately mismatched two screws retainer, so them I filed a little with the dremel (Careful, a slip with the dremel on the plate and you will have loaded it). Risk sports like me :-):

To be slightly diverted two of them, place the cross has been somewhat more expensive, but in the end
It does its work:

Already only lengthen the cables of the reader to put it out.
It is advisable to have hard drive and save the most used in the same games to extend the life of the reader. In addition the console stays 3 ° C colder without making any modifications by installing games on the hard drive (with the key and on the game on the panel or dashboard).
I've been wires (a long SATA and power lengthened by welding extensions) to the right by a small rectangle with the dremel so that it passes the SATA connector:

You can see the new nozzle I put them with pieces of cardboard and tape (you will notice much subliminal advertising ;-)?

The detail of the coolers of the memories, thus already are not heated so much:

and this is the final result, with the reader on the top of the console:

To use the GPU does not rise 35 ° c. It must be pointed out that it is important that the GPU fan go little revolutionized or we will be managing both air flow for the same CPU will overheat. To avoid this is convenient to divide the nozzle in two so that each fan factory remove its part each processor.
This is another design failures, the CPU is much more ventilated than the GPU and memory.

Only it would put the reader in the box of another we have spoiled... and better hide the cuts from the previous experiment.

see you soon!