Smart people use Linux

Smart people use linux
Well, I think that it is more correct to say that we've worried about trying other things, and we like more than the average computer, use linux.

Today I have brought a pleasant surprise: A metalworker (cult, regular reader, with concerns), about 55 years old, asked me an old hard disk to put the Linux.
I asked him about the topic, and apparently his son, which although not working on anything related, has two computers home with Debian and Ubuntu.
He says that it is the best for internet (and I don't think saying it only by the almost absence of viruses), and told me that people must be afraid because a few years ago we had to do many tasks using the command window.

We also discussed how much that has evolved, the stable which is and the few problems that have. If it were not because there are still not many native applications...
Thank you has given me by the hard drive that I've given you and us have dismissed. Now I'll ask you what such within a month...