Dual plane wing to gasoline

Dual plane wing to gasoline
In the previous entry , we saw how to build step by step a simple aircraft Cordless. Given the success of the previous I was encouraged to build another with an old petrol engine which I bought pulled price on Ebay. You won't be able to explain with pictures how to built this because the only ones that I have are after the second flight, when be took a bump mortal after a majestic flight almost at night for 10 minutes, breaking needle idle that I found no replacement for old engine (today put the motors have these most protected parts). However you will see it is a carbon copy to the above only in more resistant material.

In these photos you can see the results of the precipitous fall in once it fails a servo in mid-flight. What a pity that does not have any video of his last flight; However, I have put the video of his first flight. What nervous was that day, a full day of work is decided in a few seconds...


The plane on its first flight had the center of gravity far behind, for what had to be lowering the nose continually so that it not made up and down; until not I changed the battery in position by placing it under the same engine not flew with serenity.

In general the aircraft is manufactured with two wings of models gliders, one over the other and separated by pieces of straws to drink. The Red parts are plastic wrapping, as light as the carton but more resistant. The base is made of aluminium, and takes two servos for rudder and lifting. Total aircraft came to weigh 1 kg.; a danger to the staff if you falls into a spin (very difficult thing for being a glider, until things are twisted and rudder was locked to the right side when I was landing, I guess by overexertion that it earned him the servo move similar aircraft the previous day).

Between Wing and wing has a separator of Cork. All subject with rubber bands, adhesive and screws.
On the tail it has holes for alijerar... and missing the wooden shafts that I put for the rudder and others.

The wings have moved forward; look at reinforcements of wood the wings so that they are not off doing maneuvers.

If you look just to the left. motor mini servo used to accelerate is seen. And the regulation of the passage of the nitro needle is no longer: _ (.)

Waste was poor. Well, see you in another day of couples!

By its speed and size, a series of dangers involved gasoline aircraft flight, for persons and objects; use the license (and safe) relevant to prevent trouble.