Improve XBOX 360 cooling

Improve XBOX 360 cooling

There are people who adds fans to the case of the xbox because they have changed it (thereby losing the warranty) and do not want to overheating, appearing red ring of death (caused as we saw by overheating of the processor graphics, poorly ventilated).

However if they do not maintain clean the console inside, they are only delaying his death. As it has a cooling system very justito, as soon as you get a little bit of dust just overheating.

In this entry I'll explain how I have improved ventilation forced air circulation through a Falcon, that plaque aluminium heatsinks while they improve the above, continue to have problems as soon as the dust makes an appearance.
There are many ways to improve cooling and avoid such dreaded red lights, and the best of all is put liquid cooling and placing the heatsinks on the outside of the console, so we would win in silence and easy cleaning, but if you do not want to spend more money than the cost of a new one, which he explained is a good choice.

Forcing the air flow
For I used a sheet of paper, although it is best to use thin cardboard, which usually come with cereal boxes. The first thing to do is to cover the main sink to force the entry of air from the front, sticking it with electrical tape, thus avoiding to air, which is rather lazy;-), to enter by sites which have fewer obstacles:

It is important that small sink that been added with a "heat pipe" to the suffered graphics card is the freshest possible, because the ridiculous heatsink that goes underneath the DVD-ROM reader immediately is filled with powder, and can be vital to keep it cool with this one, so I've added a small piece of paper on top to circulate some of the air between the fins of the same.

Do not cover the front of the small, holding only the piece of paper to the sides of the heat sink:

We already only remains to improve as much as possible the heatsink main graphics, so it is recommended to close the gap that has the nozzle that concentrates the airflow with insulating tape. Remember that as soon as the dust tape the fins of the heatsink, air flow will seek alternatives.

Then place a piece smaller than the sink that cover it 2/3 (it is better not to cover it completely in this case, we already you have the DVD player up to force the flow by all sink):

The active ventilation main enemy is the powder; so more important than improving the flow it is prevent dust from accumulating. This for a good idea (which don't even have photos) is placed in the casing of the XBOX a few pieces of sponge (Scotch Brite or similar) that will help to retain the dust without damaging the flow of air.

Similar filters (and other materials such as cotton) high performance are often used in racing engines because not brake air passage as paper and retain the dust well, they are also washable.
Are fastened with velcro to release them and shake them from time to time; put them out to avoid having to take apart the console to clean them. There is still a bit sloppy but it is worth.
Another option is to place them inside, at least we substantially alargaremos the time between cleaning and cleaning.

If you add a fan to the side of the console, this must enter the air, not out. If you remove the it will be competing with two fans that directed its flow straight to the heatsinks, decreasing its efficiency.