Prevents damage to your ultra portable hard drive with shock: replace it with an SSD

Prevents damage to your ultra portable hard drive with shock: replace it with an SSD
Above disc conventional 1.8 ''; under disk SSD 1.8 ''
This ultra-portable Compaq Mini 700 10.2 inch screen broke you your hard drive of 4.57-cm (1.8 inch). These portable so compact and manageable they are susceptible to small blows of normal use that end up damaging the hard disk, so I'm going to change your hard disk 80 GB by another SSD (virtually immune to shock flash memory) of 60GB €60 acquired on Ebay.

In the SSD care with the brand that you given (Kingstom, OCZ, Samsung etc); by saving you can be buying one with low quality components that are damaged in a few months). They are still very expensive and low-capacity (this is changing at the speed of light) for use on a desktop, but thanks to its low power consumption, resistance to impact and high-speed access will end up imposing on laptops.

Hard disk socket detail
To obtain the maximum performance of your hard disk SSD should be AHCI mode enabled port SATA in the BIOS of your computer. Also be sorryndan certain configurations of hard drives SSD to lengthen your life as much as possible (and to prevent unnecessary writings, which are those which shorten their life).

If we installed a modern operating system (year 2007 onwards) as Windows Vista, 7 or 8, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, etc installation is like a mechanical hard disk.
Where you want to install an operating system earlier than Windows Vista, such as Windows XP (sacrilege!), we need to align the hard disk to lengthen your life and get more performance; using for example the boot of Windows 7, and following this guide for example disk.

Disc SSD already placed, with its box.
And we can now enjoy high speed access and writing that give us these SSD (up to 200 MB/sec. kept) :)