Install Cyanogenmod on your Android: give new life to your mobile

Install Cyanogenmod on your Android: give new life to your mobile
If you want a cooked rom fast as lightning, stable, without unnecessary extras that occupy you memory, CyanogenMod is one of the more refined Android ROMS and increased support.
You can use the latest versions of Android on your old phone (e.g. version 4.2 in a Galaxy 9003 whose support was in version 2.3.6); You may be surprised at what can your mobile optimized software.
In addition, so far the other manufacturers to submit a different user experience was an obstacle for those who are used to "hobbies" and features our always brand. With CyanogenMod this does not happen, presenting a similar Android experience to use the brand you use (CyanogenMod is not equal from supported for all mobiles, check first what development there for which you are interested )).
These and other reasons, which I will mention below, made me opt for this ROM cooked to my Samsung Galaxy S3.
Top reasons to use CyanogenMod on your mobile

1. speed;one of the main reasons is the substantial performance improvement on your mobile. You respond faster, you will spend less battery, etc that is based on code base Android (AOSP), free skins, settings, and programs from the manufacturer that most of the times cloud experience. As a result it is a light version with a difference that is noticeable even in more powerful handsets.
2. customizations.Is one of the main reasons to use this version; the customization options that includes "Advanced" users who want to customize the way you work on your mobile phone, but without too many complications with thousands of options in more detail. CyanogenMod elevates Android customization to a new level:

3. new features.In addition to small adjustments of usability, the CyanogenMod rom presents a lot of innovative features such as advanced energy, quick access links, or menu new mode "cake", which we can see in the video below.

4. usability settings and optimizations.Although CyanogenMod is based on the Android source, it contains many settings of usability that, once you know them, you can not live without them! For example, one of them is that the alarm is turned off if you give back to the mobile phone, a camera with voice control, use the volume buttons to wake the phone, etc
You will have the latest in technology tip Linux; the "machines" of the CyanogenMod team puts in our hands fast and reliable file systems, the latest patches and optimizations of the Linux kernel latest (V3.x), etc.
5. the latest version of Android.The equipment of CyanogenMod it puts at your disposal the latest versions of Android shortly after their departure, while manufacturers are usually take much longer.
For example, the official rom for the Samsung S3 is still based Android 4.1.2, even when it's been more than 6 months for Google to get the 4.2.
6. use your mobile for longer.Can you imagine to use the latest 4.3 Android in your old Galaxy SCL I9003?
Thanks to the efforts of the CyanogenMod team we can enjoy the latest Android beyond the support of the manufacturer software updates, many times leaving our terminals within little time after his departure despite the number of users, with an Android optimized for your phone.
 7. applications including.In an official Android will have to use several applications for tasks such as control of the power of the processor, a powerful browser, application with root permissions Manager... this rom includes the essential series, as in the last versions of music Apollo and Swype keyboard application to write to the speed of light... without having to install third-party applications.

8. using Android, Android only.With this version, available in increasingly more mobile, can have the same great experience in all the terminals that use, since it is based on the same code base of Android, without customizations of the manufacturers, often cumbersome and that worsen the experience. Won't have to learn "to use Android" with every brand of mobile that fall into your hands. Most of us lose ourselves in different user experiences from brands such as Sony and Samsung, not knowing that is its beauty in simplicity and ease of use of the Android-based.
9. Security.Manufacturers take centuries to bring the security updates to your device, increasing the time in which you keep exposed. The CyanogenMod team pulls updates daily including arrangements to the latest known vulnerabilities; you're more protected than ever.
10. community.The CyanogenMod team is backed by a delivered and friendly community that will respond in the event of problems, or to lend you a hand.
It is the same community that has contributed to making this big ROM, and has differentiated it from the rest. You can also be part of it and help to discuss bugs, add new features and ideas to improve it every day.
In the next post we will see how to install CyanogenMod 10.2 to the ancient Samsung Galaxy SCL GT-i9003; Enjoy Android 4.2 and Swype keyboard among other many improvements!
Warning: E.g. the GT-i9003 has good support from some developer CyanogenMod; there are other terminals that do not have the latest versions of the ROM, or present failures (not record video the most common) that does not make them usable for every day.