pSX Emulator: possibly the most faithful to the PlayStation 1 emulator

pSX Emulator: possibly the most faithful to the PlayStation 1 emulator
Street Fighter EX2 Plus

In linux, because of its lack in games of all kinds, we can use emulators to throw a few "vices" from time to time. And for the playstation 1, due to its popularity, games of all kinds were developed. And some of them are more playable than those that have emerged now for the new consoles (not all are graphics). So if you still have some dusty disc Play 1, I recommend that you try this emulator, which is possibly the more games, available for linux and windows.

And if in addition we do with a USB driver like this one, detected by linux as "DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick", bought on Ebay for less than 10 euros (shipping incl.), then honey on pancakes; you just have to connect it before opening the pSX and then select it as a controller in file - > settings:

There are other emulators for the PS1 (also called PSX or PSOne) on linux, but none so correctly emulates it like this, or their degree of compatibility.

Opens the main CD image formats; like iso, cue, ccd, mdf and nrg. Requires acceleration openGL (3D card) If you don't have a very powerful team, since this is the only downside: is not very optimized and requires more machine than other emulators, but is very easy to install and use:

Installing the emulator to Play in Ubuntu linux (and derivatives)The way easy deinstalarlo is downloaded from the official website, unzip it and run it. Details are in the readme.txt file if problems arise.

If it gives you an error of dependencies it is missing the libgtkglext1, install it using your file manager, and if it is not included in the libraries supported by your distribution you can download it from internet and install it.

sudo apt-get install libgtkglext1
Only if you have the original play can download bios scph7502.bin (PAL) or the scph1001 (NTSC-U) (most work with the NTSC version, but some only do so with the PAL) to enjoy your games, indicating its location in the configuration of the emulator.

And finally "insert" a cd image using the menu file, and it will automatically start the disc.

The emulator open on my desktop; with ALT + Enter switches to full screen

Optimal configuration of the sound
According to the Forum's program is best to indicate the sound card and 40 ms for the latency in the Audio tab and latency XA 20. In little powerful computers as an eee PC goes well to not get so many "buffer underruns". It is important to disable the option "mode suspend when the emulator is not active" If you are going to jump. In the Forum of the ASUS Eee PC , you have more details about the configuration (in English).

Other emulators PSX
Programmed by an engineer from video games in his free time, its main objective is to faithfully emulate the hardware of the PSX in our computers, by which If you want to enjoy some better graphics which gave the original play, is better that you try this another emulator, epsxe to after 4 years without news they have improved it enough lately; already by version 1.7 for Windows, and apparently works correctly on Linux with Wine (Linux does not support analog pads, does not support all plugins and they have abandoned it in version 1.6). Here you have a tutorial to install the latest version on linux.

Its source code is not available, but the developer does not rule out make it publicly available, perhaps when you are finished it;-).

And if you have a remote control similar to the Play of USB, I recommend that you plugs it before starting the emulator, if not, not detecting it.