PS3 vs XBOX 360 which console to buy?

PS3 vs XBOX 360 which console to buy?

In this generation of consoles there is one that stands out especially; each one seems to have been done with a lot of different market, but little little is noteworthy for having more colorful games, with an atmosphere more immersive, a more complex AI and can accommodate more players online, that will undoubtedly be the Playstation 3.

This week I was in the position in which console to buy me for Christmas, and after having last year the Wii, I only stayed between the Xbox and the PS3 if I wanted to enjoy the game online.

I had many reasons to get the 360; as its extensive catalog of games (that actually the best are also available on PS3); the ability to test all the games that I would like to (modifying it, but do not connect online), or play with or against my brother through XBOX Live (which have to pay 5 euros a month, as little as you use it).

The PS3 as a superior system
But in the end I've opted for the Playstation 3 (as Supercoco), for several reasons:
- The best exclusive: there are fantastic games that will only come out for this platform, like GoW 3, Uncharted 2, MGS 4, LBP, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, the list is long.
- There is not much piracy: although it has already left the hailbreak, Sony strives to prevent its use with continuous patches that prevent you connect to PSN if you don't have it updated. This ensures a long-lasting, you will enjoy more support from developers, similar to the PS2 that still make games, not as the PS1 which at the time of its history stopped creating games because of it (although that accelerated the introduction of the PS2).
- Best value: just makes noise compared to the XBOX, does not need external transformer, it doesn't always spoiling as the 360 (red lights), comes with BD default (greater capacity and resistance to scratches, as well as ecological), Wifi, the hard drive can easily be changed by other standard, the control is loaded with a cable (standard) normal miniUSB, haswithout leverage, the same power as the XBOX, and leveraging well his ability, works wonders, the list is long muyyy.
- Experience similar and free on-line. Before it was not so, but after testing the online XBOX (with lags of payment sometimes) and compare with the PS3, the quality is similar, and the PSNetwork is free.
- Support system of the Penguin. Although new versions has been removed the possibility, due mainly that almost no one uses the (gelding by anti-piracy security) system with Linux. That will install the free Linux operating system was a very gratifying novelty in the consoles for which we advocate because alternatives to Windows. Reducing costs, poor memory and limitation of access to the hardware ended up with the Penguin in the bold-(.)
- Support for open standards. The software for the PS3 is based on development systems which, in turn, are based on open standards like OpenGL. Sony has already done so with the PS1 (playback Mpeg1), and continue to do so.

- Free use of USB devices: there are many different brands flywheels supported by the system to play games such as Gran Turismo 5, F1 2010 driving and others who come after, for example.

The less good news
On the other hand, commenting on the negative, I think better command of the Xbox, more modern, comfortable and sturdy, however there is also the possibility of using it in the PS3 with XCM adapter (with the possibility of playing with keyboard and mouse for PC enthusiasts). But you post-apocalyptic you immediately to the command of the PS3, with built-in lithium battery, light and resistant.
Besides the difficulty of programming also consummer titles (even in some cases no later than 4 years instead of 1 or 2 as Xbox), but to go knowing the machine, titles will be ever better when they learn to harness its power.
And lastly mention power consumption posed by these two consoles; almost 200W early versions, and a few 100W younger; We will strive to be CO2 neutral by reducing the CO2 on the other hand (not taking the car, for example).

The hardcore players will prefer the Xbox 360, but if what you want is games of all kinds for the family, the PS3 is better. But anyway I'm glad that Microsoft has released their console and have a similar (for now) success, since the competition is good for us, consumers.

Impossible in XBOX 360 games (at the graphic level)
Games that take advantage of the technological superiority of the PS3, and what is to come (click to enlarge):

The Last Guardian

Uncharted 3

Killzone 2

God of War III

Uncharted 2

Gran Turismo 5

Heavy Rain


Metal Gear Solid 4

Now do me with a few titles of second hand for this Christmas. I'm afraid that I just opened Pandora's box of the console wars.