Multi-purpose USB car charger: do it yourself

Multi-purpose USB car charger: do it yourself

As we saw earlier, which we frequently walk with computers and other, always have USB ports near (in fact increasingly more devices use this socket to charge your batteries), and can use them for charging mobile phones, GPS, PSP and other devices.

Accumulate all chargers for all types of devices; each brand of mobile uses a different one, and in general every gossip needs of his. Thus can save them at the bottom of a drawer to all them since most can be loaded via USB with connector which bring to pass data to the computer.

It is not common to find a female USB to boot, so I've made one, which will get cheaper and entertaining.
So I've taken a mobile car charger and I've removed the connector to put in place the USB female.

I've taken the Jack box adapters of a "Chinese" (5 USB female connectors for 3 euros), and I cut it with the rotal in soldering you directly the cables. The positive and negative poles of the 5 volts going to the extremes; check with a tester before welding them correctly.

Then I have him put back shirt that I've trimmed and with the termoencoladora, I have introduced the hot plastic to fix it and that it does not move or release.

We tested with the tester with the small transformer 12V to 5V to verify that it does not exceed 5 volts.

And we have ready the charger for your mobile phone, PSP, GPS etc.

I have prepared some more like this, so if anyone is interested I leave them in €10 shipping to Spain included limited units! ;-). Get in touch on my email (on the up side).

Magnetic mobile car holder: A discovery.

And the Nokia N95 is doing Pearl. Neither vibrates nor falls; in the area of the camera has a metal part that Moor him perfectly to this type of stands, ideal for mobile.

My N95 I've put the TomTom GPS (to reduced prices for S60 V3 on the official website) and although it is not the best place to watch while you're attentive to the road, with the voice and slowing down when you have doubts (or with the help of co-driver) is a joy to travel without getting lost.

The ideal position of the magnetic holder is vertical, so the magnet works well.

Thanks to this charger, adapter USB to the N95 and the solar USB home charger, now we don't have to worry about the battery of the mobile this holiday.