Technological advantages of Linux over Windows

Technological advantages of Linux over Windows

Among enthusiasts of computer technology is known to the virtues and advances of Linux over windows (compared to windows XP or 2003 Server, which is currently the most advanced).
The main advantages that we enjoy that we have linux are:

1. efficient use of RAM; a linux system will make use of all available memory, using the surplus to sectors of the hard disk cache in such a way that the most commonly used data access to accelerate.

2 - Avoid the fragmentation of files on the hard disk. Filesystem in Linux is not fragmented while more than 20% of free space, and although there are less fragments to a lesser extent than the Windows family since it's put every file of contiguously along the disc.

3 - The files that are being used are not "locked" without that any application can use them, which brings undoubted advantages: you can make backup copies of the entire system without having to restart the computer; You can directly hear a sound file while it is downloading from internet (at least the discharged portion); You can open multiple instances of almost all programs; listen to a bunch of songs at once, etc.

4 - Linux always works as a normal user, and if it is necessary to configure the system, then, and only then, the role is changed by the administrator (or root; that is the superuser permissions for everything) so although BREW us a virus in the system only affect our user files and will never cease to operate the system (unless the virus gets rights to root through a failure of) serious security, that are not usual). However in Windows if you are not a administrator many programs not working properly.

5 - On Linux do not lack the file extensions (3 characters after the dot indicating the file type), since it uses the metadata of files to find out what kind of file it is. It is fantastic to be downloading with the amule (a version of the emule for linux) and directly see the uploaded files with just click on them.

6 - We can enjoy and enjoy long since some of the features that will bring Windows Vista, as the applets that are put on the desktop (with Kde this there long ago), bomb-proof security (I doubt make reality what promises Redmond system), improved appearance, etc.

7 and finally, and no less important, is more fault-tolerant without the system crashes than Windows. For example on a server of my company went into a mouse and it spoiled part of the base plate with what stopped working network card, but everything else worked properly. Network card avoid the affected part of the plate is shifted position and everything returned to normal (since admits remove PCI cards hot).
For me these are the advantages (although there are many more that you will discover as you get in the world of Linux) more they amaze me in day to day and with it enough to use it, despite the disadvantages of being a minority system (as least amount of software and games ;-)).
Sure that I let myself be many others, but these are the most notable for a normal user (you can leave your comments).
Linux should this advantage since it inherits the idiosyncrasy of Unix, and thanks to its development model has allowed it to surpass its predecessor in every way, as well as to incorporate the latest advances and innovations in this field (CPU hot-pluggable;) PCI hot-plug; RAID; etc).
Although there are many more improvements than those described, and they are more complex than at first glance they seem, I have described it in the most humane way possible, emulating Isaac Asimov in his literature.

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