Tutorial: Project wireless XBOX

Tutorial: Project wireless XBOX

The objective was to equip the XBOX's total among House televisions disabled, since we have internet connection shared with a Conceptronic C54AP, and as nor price of this item from Microsoft for the XBOX was not neither supplier I decided to me me myself.
The second access point configuration has been simple, although I had trouble having activated authentication MAC addresses, so I desactivé it and I connected without problems, and that it had also enabled WEP so already by itself was pretty sure.

I purchased another AP (access point) of the Conceptronic brand, which had already installed to share ADSL (because of incompatibilities) with capacity to work in client mode, so that the C54AP lacked.

Connecting the APT as a client
First there will be to configure the new C54APT to us connect by cable to the existing wireless network, so following the instructions in the manual connect it to a computer and after our computer with an ip for example, we connect Web to the and change the IP to another that is within the range of the wireless network and is not already used in case of not using DHCP.
In the Setup menu you have the "AP mode", which is where we will change the working mode to "AP client", writing under the MAC of the access point we want to connect us, and in our case comes under the appliance or on the login page or via Telnet to the AP can know it.
If you have WEP enabled on the first access point will have to activate it in this also the same way and with the same key, but it is recommended to activate it when you are already working in client mode, for debugging possible configuration errors.
Reseteamos and ready! We already have the AP connected. If we cannot access the wireless network through the ethernet cable from the computer (applies cross or direct, I have tried with both) we can make telnet and then find bss so show us the signals that get you, and it will indicate the corresponding MAC. If it is properly configured signal will appear and from time to time will us it is configured as a client of that point and we can test pinging if we "see" the rest of computers. If we see them but we can access through the cable then it is that refuses us access, either by MAC address or WAP or WEP (for safety is recommended to use WPA/PSK).

Removing Middle AP transformer
We will use the output of 5 V which brings the XBOX hard disk to remove the hassle of having to plug tb power supply, and so introduce the cable as we can (in my case I put it by the ventilation slits and enabled a step by burning a little with the welder plastics, just enough for the passage of cablesfixing them afterwards with the termoencoladora, which goes very well for these purposes.
Weld then the positive (it is the cable that goes to the inside of the connector, I've tested it with a tester, careful to not make mistakes, because we could burn the AP) hard disk power red and the negative to black that has on the side, then isolate welds, so we will have food, depending on the image. The C54APT consumption is relatively small, so do not be concerned about the XBOX power supply overheating.

We connect the access point and check that you have a connection, once configured DNS, iP, and others.
I've joined the AP with the termoencoladora, also I have also attached with the termoencoladora cables (the ethernet only measures 20 cms). Voila! We can already take the console which allows us to signal, which will be quite far, bearing in mind that it outdoors may be 300 meters...

Comparing APs

Conceptronics C54APT is of the best quality/price ratio, to 29-8-04 slope about 62 euros + VAT online, and greatly improves the possibilities of the previous version, and in addition to another access point client (any AP worth) can work as a signal Repeater (to enlarge the scope of others), or as a Bridge, this if we have two type APTlinking two networks that do not have to have the same range of addresses. Indeed, Conceptronic has a service as efficient, they soon answer more than 5 hours to a technical question.
Without doubt the best is the Linksys WRT54Grouter with Linux heart, an affiliate of Cisco, its possibilities of configuration and power. There are many sites on the internet dedicated to this fantastic router and the possibilities for changing the firmware, but it beats the of Conceptronic for their compact size and ease of configuration.
I write this based on my experience and without advertising, but just to share what you've learned. If you are your Xbox I take no blame.

Update : This AP is somewhat unstable in client mode, the disconnections that had (was out of headings, but not xbox live randomly, they sometimes spent hours on xbox live without problems) blamed problems with the line or the other.
I guess that they will soon get an update that repaired it, but at the moment I use the 107 beta firmware; the 108 have tried it and it seems that something worse will in my case.

Update : Finally some months ago Conceptronic put an update which solved all these problems, see it. 2.0.253 this release notes: "Improves performance".
In time used so far (as sold) gave me no more disconnection problems, although that Yes, heated up as bad thing although it did not do anything; There are some who him has put fan.