Would you like to make fairer the electricity bill

Would you like to make fairer the electricity bill? Join QUIEROPAGARMENOSLUZ.ORG

The OCU (Organization of consumers and users) has since last year launched an initiative which aims to get lower rates and an energy market fairer in the fight against "energy poverty"; This initiative of OCU was born in 2013 with the first collective purchase of energy who organized and which were joined by nearly half a million homes. Now, in a context of uncertainty in the energy market, they put in place the collective buying power II.

Sign up on the web and they will send you personalized information and tips to optimize your consumption and reduce your Bill from the rate that you have contracted and consumption.
And once the auction as a collective consumer, make communicate what has been the result of winning rate.

Unfortunately in Spainthere are many people who suffer from the so-called 'energy poverty'; do not have sufficient resources to pay the cost of the fuel they need for their basic needs, so this movement can help improve things, and I put my grain of sand that fit those bulky benefits and eliminate this ghost of the tariff deficit.

Small energy consumers like me, we can make more force against the large companies if we unite, although it is not a completely free market, we can always get in this way for some companies to offer true savings.