How to repair computer screens step by step guide

How to repair computer screens: step by step guide

In this entry I will try to give a guide for repairing screens without image, both portable as TFT/LCD; and as happens with a sick person, depending on a few symptoms have a certain disease (although sometimes not clear which).
As I've said many times, almost always it is preferable to try to repair the equipment rather than throw them away, generating more waste, or at least sell it on Ebay, where trained people will buy what you and give a second life.

Guide to repair screens and portable

To find out where the problem can be, we turn on and connect the screen will check:

  1. The screen has no light, but you see view backlit image: 95% of the time the investor who is in charge of lighting the lamp is damaged, on Ebay you can find the spare. If you can't find the inverter, you could do a "Workaround" with another lamp inverter of the same size.
  2. The screen has light, but looks completely whiteor strange graphics: this is more difficult to debug; failure most of the time is the graphics card, and others own screen image circuit or even (flex) data cable damaged (some teams had this factory defect). You can try to move the cables Strip to see if it fixes it all off the origin of the fault, or change the graphics card if it is housed in a socket. If it is on a laptop, and connecting an external display with VGA/HDMI cable shows image, then almost always is the integrated screen itself. However most is the graphics and requires a resold ado of the graph; companies such as InfoReparex budgeted so you and repaired in a professional manner with reasonable prices.
  3. Screen does not light, or does not turn on, staying flashing led: this problem often happens with external screens; the vast majority of the time it is damaged electrolytic capacitors (stay inflated), they cost about 20 cents each, it is very easy to change those who are inflated or traps, just having concepts of electronic soldering with Tin.
  4. If it is a laptop, and it starts, but going to boot Windows, it shuts off completely. In this case the computer shuts off to prevent bigger problems; most of the time is also the graphics and Windows will try to make use of the graphics driver, detects a failure of the same team shuts off for safety. The graphics need resold ado (PCB).
  5. A laptop, turn on the fan comes on, but nothing more, shows picture, makes no beep or not activated hard disk: undefined problem of the motherboard, it is best that a technician, check it but if your computer has more than two years, does not usually be worth repair.
Remember: the main source of problems in laptop computers is heat, by design, have to accumulate dirt in its cooling system, so it is essential to perform a cleaning time.