Lighting Electromagnetic induction: the current best choice for high power lighting

Lighting Electromagnetic induction: the current best choice for high power lighting

When it is necessary to illuminate a street, Pavilion, etc, and required much power light, induction lamps are more profitable than the LED by its lower price and higher duration.

250W used in industrial building campaign
Main features:

* Natural light (white); its light, between 4500 and 6000 ° K, is the most natural, and has the highest CRI; 82%; the colors are more vivid than with other technologies.
* Long time of life: while LEDs last about 50,000 Hrs (manufacturers usually speak more time, but are not reliable data), the magnetic induction last 100,000 hours (with 60% of light at that time), due mainly to have electrodes and to degrade more slowly than other technologies such as metal halide.
* Low consumption: produce 90 lm/W, and it is getting better as it evolves its manufacturing.
* Ideal for campaigns because of its greater size (requires induction coils so its miniaturization is difficult).
* Cost: high, but lower than a campaign LED of same characteristics, less payback period.

Detail of magnetic ferrite inductor
In summary, while LED campaigns are amortized after 60,000 hours (end of life), the induction are amortized over 30,000 hrs and will continue producing savings until the end of its useful life.

Comparing with technologies that become obsolete, for example, while (HPI) metal halide and sodium vapor lamps gives 70% of its light after 5,000 hrs, the magnetic induction preserved this efficiency to the end of its useful life, some 80,000 hrs minimum.

It should take into account that This is true at the time of writing this entry; in a few years due to its cost and performance, the LED will exceed all forms of lighting and any power.