Coil in copper to insert wood compact and efficient

Coil in copper to insert wood compact and efficient

Mario of Madrid has devised a way to perform a compact coil of copper for its wood insert, and has kindly wanted to share with us.

Your coil, being compact, has been able to put it in the best place; right in the hollow of flue pipe next to the baffle, until they leave through the chimney, which will get very good performance and clean it if necessary will be quite simple. This way you can better distribute heat to the radiators from the rest of the House, as complaining that although the fire is centrally located, there is much difference of temperature between stays.

Basically consists of a manual tube bending for 12 mm. copper to which don holes on the handle has had to screw it and attach it to a wooden board. It has put another table bolted to supplement and that copper is going straight.
It then attaches with a few cats of Carpenter. According to says, the tube don't have to relocate, with the coupling of the bending is enough. What you need to check again and again is the measure to come out even. Also if you are greasy with 3 in 1 or similar tube, the curve is more uniform and is not so much spider tube.

We must go with a Carpenter's pencil marking length (height of the hole will be where the coil) so that is homogeneous and whole of the same size:

And the coil is taking shape:

The finished coil, with sides long enough so, mediating two holes of Ø12 tube measurement mm, we take them on the sides of the insert and can place the thermostat probe and connected to the circuit:

It has a diesel oil radiators with boiler and will use all the mechanisms of the boiler, connecting this coil to the radiators circuit driving the water with the same boiler engine.

Already positioned coil
I hope to serve you this great idea of Mario, next up!